Antibodies as Drugs: Translating Molecules into Treatments - Abzena

Antibodies as Drugs: Translating Molecules into Treatments

Whistler, BC, Canada

25 February 2018


Antibodies are becoming increasingly prominent in the development of new therapies, both from the perspective of their de novo response to vaccines and in their own right as effective, targeted treatments for diseases such as cancer. The growing list of antibody based approved medicines is a testament to the maturation of this field from experimental science to applied medicine. The 2018 Keystone Symposia antibodies conference aims to provide a platform for knowledge-sharing from the molecular to the systems level to navigate the newest developments and insights to prevent, treat and cure major human diseases. The focus of the key sessions will range from immunoregulation in cancer therapy to ADCs and therapeutic antibodies, there will be plenty to discuss.   Abzena will be attending the conference this key   which focuses on the future of antibody therapeutics. Please reach out to set up a meeting with us via our contact form.



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