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Phage display, sequencing and developability assessment

The biopharmaceutical development process starts with target identification and antibody discovery. Abzena offers multiple approaches to antibody discovery and the isolation, development and selection of lead antibodies.

shutterstock_389524267-1-e147437106926521Phage Display

Abzena’s phage display-based discovery process enables the identification of binders with very specific characteristics from either Human and Llama Naive libraries, which can be selected depending upon the nature of the project. Read more >>>

shutterstock_389524267-1-e1474371069265212Hybridoma Sequencing

Abzena’s platform for mRNA sequencing can determine the DNA and amino acid sequence of your antibody. Sequencing can be performed for IgG and IgM monoclonal antibodies produced by human, mouse and rat hybridoma cell lines. Read more >>>

shutterstock_389524267-1-e1474371069265213Developability Assessment

Many physicochemical modifications can adversely impact on the molecular integrity of biologic molecules. Abzena can perform an in silico assessment to identify a number of potential sequence liabilities which, if not addressed, could lead to manufacturing challenges at a later stage. Read more >>>

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