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Antibody Drug Conjugation at Abzena

One solution doesn’t fit all

At Abzena we understand that there is no one solution for the development of antibody drug conjugates. Every target brings its own set of challenges to development and you need to find the ideal conjugation to treat your patients.

You can optimise your investment and streamline your ADC development program by utilising Abzena’s bioconjugation technology, knowledge and facilities at every stage. From assessing the efficacy of different conjugation technologies to synthesising chemical payloads, we can support and guide your development of a matrix that can be tested to find the ideal ADC for your patients.

Download a copy of our presentation at World ADC 2017: “Conjugate Drug Design & Development”, by Campbell Bunce, SVP Scientific Operations.

  • You can benefit from access to Abzena’s wide range of expertise and technology to streamline your ADC development program
  • Take advantage of our complete target to manufacturing service offering for all ADC components, including final conjugation
  • Generate a matrix of candidates for ex-vivo assessment before committing to further development

1ADC Development

Abzena’s services are customised to accelerate the selection of the optimal ADC candidate for your target of interest. Different conjugations technologies can be assessed for efficacy side-by-side, allowing the ability to screen and rank multiple product candidates to optimise your investment right from the beginning. Read more >>>

1Conjugation Technologies

There are many varieties of antibody drug conjugates technologies available and each has its benefits, though no single one is optimal for every payload and antibody. Abzena offers access to a variety of conjugation technologies for side-by-side evaluation. Read more >>>


There are many varieties of payloads available for the development of antibody drug conjugates, each with its own toxicity and profile for use in different tumours and with different targeting moeties. We can synthesise chemical payloads at our Bristol, USA, plant or help develop protein and DNA conjugates at our Cambridge, UK site.  Read more >>>

1Analysis and Characterisation

Abzena’s state of the art labs are equipped with an array of analytical and preparative HPLC in instruments and columns allowing the most difficult separations. This, in conjunction with LC/MS and MALDI-ToF mass spectrometers and 500-MHz and 300-Mhz NMR spectrometers, gives the capability to offer clients valuable and reliable analytical services.  Read more >>>


Abzena San Diego and Bristol sites offer large manufacturing capabilities for antibody drug conjugates at multiple scales including non-GMP and GMP manufacturing.  Read more >>>


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