AIM Rule 26 - Abzena

AIM Rule 26

The information provided on this page is presented for the purpose of compliance with AIM Rule 26.

Abzena is incorporated in England and Wales and its main country of operation is the UK.

There are no other exchanges or trading platforms on which the company has applied or agreed to have any of its securities (including its AIM securities) admitted or traded.

Company Information

Registered name – Abzena plc

Country of incorporation  England and Wales

Country of operation – United Kingdom

Registered address – Babraham Research Campus, Babraham, Cambridge, CB22 3AT, United Kingdom

Company secretary – Julian Smith, ACA

Registered number – 08957107

VAT number – 125470235

Articles of Association

The Company’s current Articles of Association can be viewed here: Articles of Association of Abzena plc.

UK City Code on Takeover Regulations

The UK City Code of Takeovers and Mergers applies to Abzena plc as it is a public limited company with its registered office in the UK.

Directors’ Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is responsible to the shareholders for the proper management of the Group and meets regularly to set the overall direction and strategy of the Group, to review scientific, operational and financial performance and to advise on management appointments. All key operational and investment decisions are subject to Board approval. The Directors will comply with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Guidelines for Smaller Quoted Companies, published from time to time by the Quoted Companies Alliance, to the extent that they believe it is appropriate in light of the size, stage of development and resources of the Company. The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the Board procedures are followed and applicable rules and regulations are complied with.

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Board Committees

The Board has three Committees, Nomination, Audit and Remuneration. The terms of reference for the Board Committees can be viewed here.

The Nomination Committee comprises Ken Cunningham (Chair), Peter Grant and Nigel Pitchford.

The Audit Committee comprises Tony Brampton, Ken Cunningham and Peter Grant (Chair).

The Remuneration Committee comprises Tony Brampton (Chair), Peter Grant and Nigel Pitchford.

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