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Abzena beefs up management team in US

John Burt speaks to Proactive about the firm’s two new additions to their management team in the US.

Protein/BioNMR as a powerful tool for drug discovery

Discover the power of Protein/BioNMR in 3D structural analysis of proteins, protein-ligand complexes and macrocycles, and assessing the binding behaviour including validating the footprint of the binding site.

June 2016: Abzena – one Minute Pitch

March 2016: John Burt presents to investors at Biotech Capital

March 2016: CFO Smith says Abzena plc’s integrated offering will help the company grow

February 2016: Julian Smith, CFO of Abzena (ABZA) at SHARES Innovators and Investors Forum 2016

January 2016: Abzena’s CEO says new conjugation deal validates firm’s technologies

December 2015: Abzena boss pleased with “synergistic” TCRS deal

October 2016: Abzena CEO: Roche’s Adheron takeover increases chance of revenues

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