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Abzena Annual Report 2016

The Company’s Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2016 was released on 15 June 2016

Corporate Fact Sheet

Abzena’s corporate fact sheet

Abzena’s Service and Technology Brochure

This brochure contains an overview of Abzena’s range of services from discovery to GMP manufacturing.

Composite Proteins™ Fact Sheet

More information on Abzena’s Composite Protein™ technology. Protein Deimmunisation Technical Flyer

Optimisation of Pharmacokinetics Fact Sheet

Information on a our PEGylation technologies, including a TheraPEG case study on the PEGylation of interferon (IFN) a-2b

Composite Human Antibodies™ Fact Sheet

More information on our antibody humanisation and deimmunisation technology, including a case study on the deimmunisation of an anti-CTLA-4 antibody. Download the technical flyer : Composite-Human-Antibodies-Technical-Flyer.pdf

EpiScreen™ Epitope Mapping Fact Sheet

Further information on Abzena’s accurate and sensitive ex vivo T cell epitope identication technology including example results.

iTope™ and TCED™ Fact Sheet

More information on Abzena’s iTope™ and TCED™ technology including a detailed look at the results.

EpiScreen™ Time Course T Cell Assay Fact Sheet

More information on the EpiScreen™ time course T cell assay and a case study showing the potential immunogenicity of A33 and trastuzumab. Download (pdf)

Biosimilar Fact Sheet

Further information on Abzena’s CHO, NS0 and Sp2/0 biosimilar cell line development programmes with bespoke quality assessment tailored to individual projects. This also shows past yields and timelines.

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