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Custom Synthesis

Abzena’s team of experienced organic chemists has produced a variety of complex molecules at mg to kg scale, including: intermediates, drug metabolites, process impurities, degradants, reference compounds, preclinical drug candidates, and other organic molecules for a diverse array of industries.

Abzena’s custom synthesis expertise includes:

  • Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)
  • Bioconjugate chemistry
  • Linker chemistry
  • Asymmetric synthesis and chiral separation
  • Multi-step synthetic and medicinal chemistry
  • Natural products including carbohydrates and steroids
  • Drug metabolites and API impurities
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Peptide and polypeptide synthesis
  • Highly pure polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for material science
  • Photochemistry and pressure reactions
  • Stable isotopes including deuterium, 13C and15N
  • Toxic compounds and potent substances

Working with Abzena

Abzena’s ccustom synthesis services are tailored to each project to ensure that the objectives are met or exceeded.

We collaborate with a wide range of organisations from virtual companies through to big pharma, including many of the world’s top companies, as well as academic research groups from across the globe.

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