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Abzena provides comprehensive chemistry services to pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical companies as well as governmental and academic research institutes. We have a strong background in synthetic organic chemistry and extensive experience of custom synthesis.

antibody1Custom synthesis

Abzena’s team of experienced organic chemists has produced a variety of complex molecules at mg to kg scale. Common requests include chemical intermediates, drug metabolites, process impurities, degradants, reference compounds, preclinical drug candidates, and other organic molecules from diverse industries.  Read more >>>

antibody1Chemistry manufacturing

Abzena currently has the capability of scaling multi-step procedures to produce up to 100 g quantities of material. Read more >>>

antibody3Analysis and characterisation

Abzena’s labs are equipped with an array of analytical and preparative HPLC equipment and mass and NMR spectrometers to enable extensive analysis and characterisation of ADCs and complex organic compounds.  Read more >>>

Protein/BioNMR services

BioNMR is a field of structural biology in which NMR spectroscopy is used to obtain information about the structure of peptides, proteins, and their complexes.  Read more >>>

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