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Bioconjugate Development

  • Benefit from access to Abzena’s wide range of expertise and technology to streamline your bioconjugate development program
  • Complete target to manufacturing service offering for all bioconjugate compents including final conjugation
  • Generate a matrix of candidates for ex-vivo assessment before commiting to further development

Develop a Matrix

At Abzena we understand that there is no one solution to the development of bioconjugates and that every target brings its own set of challenges to development.

Abzena can help guide your development and manufacture of bioconjugates and ADCs through testing and characterisation to find the ideal conjugate for your patients.

Accelerate Bioconjugate Development

Abzena’s customised service’s accelerate the selection of the optimal candidates for your target of interest. Different conjugations technologies can be assessed side by side for efficacy allowing the ability to screen and rank multiple product canidates to optimise your investment right from the begining.

Abzena enables you to make an informed decision regarding which conjugation technology is best suited for your target of interest in terms of stability, off -target toxicity and efficacy. In addition you will have peice of mind that the conjugation methods are simple, scalable and reproducible reducing manufacturing and charaterisation costs.

Following screening you can then move into Abzena’s manufacturing stream allowing accelarated production of small batches of non-GMP candidate ADCs.

For more information on our different conjugation technologies see our bioconjugation technology pages.

Working with Abzena

Abzena’s services are tailored for each project to ensure that the objectives are met or exceeded. Experienced project teams are assigned to each study focusing on progressing projects through to results in the minimum amount of time. Our clients widely regard us as professional and attentive partners who deliver quality results.

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