European Antibody Congress - Abzena

European Antibody Congress

Basel, Switzerland

31 October 2017


Antibody-based therapies have become established over the past 20 years, and has become one of the most important and successful strategies for treating patients with a number of diseases that were previously untreatable. With new formats, technologies and methods being developed every year, the antibody industry is fast moving and can be difficult to keep up with.

In the 12 years that the European Antibody Congress has run, there have been countless breakthroughs, advancements and achievements that not only were showcased for the first time at the European Antibody Congress, but were also born out of collaborations and partnerships that were catalysed by, or initiated, at the European Antibody Congress.

Our mission, for every European Antibody Congress, is to bring you the very best speakers from big pharma, biotechs, academia and technology innovators to discuss with you the most exciting breakthroughs when it comes to the discovery and development of antibodies. Whether that’s the newest format of a cancer killing ADC, the most advanced screening technology for mAbs, or the clinical development of a bispecific with promises to treat Alzheimer’s disease, we want to give you access to all of this to grow your knowledge, grow your business, and grow your connections.

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