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Mammalian Cell Line Development

Abzena offers a variety of manufacturing cell line development packages to meet customers’ requirements for high expressing clonal cell lines ready for cGMP manufacture.

Abzena has specialist experience in the use of CHO, murine myeloma (e.g. Sp2/0-Ag14 or NS0) for expression of proteins, and other (e.g. PER.C6) host cell lines which may be applicable for the expression of fusion proteins or non-standard Ig formats.

Abzena’s offering includes:

  • All mammalian host cell lines used are pre-adapted for suspension, serum-free culture
  • Use of clonepix and ambr during cell line selection
  • Host cell lines are cultured in chemically-defined (CD), animal component-free (ACF) media
  • All media, feeds and components are non-proprietary and commercially available
  • Client audited facilities; project-dedicated lab space, equipment and team
  • Full technical, project management and documentary support supplied during and at completion of project

antibody3Originator Cell Line Development

Abzena has developed royalty free technologies including Composite CHO™ and pANT™ vectors to maximise expression of recombinant proteins and antibodies. Multiple Composite CHO™ cell lines are being used to produce products used in clinical trials.  Read more >>>

antibody4Biosimilar Development with Enhanced PQA Assessment

Maintaining biosimilarity is critical for regulatory approval of biosimilar products and Abzena can help you achieve this by developing your biosimilar cell line using the originator cell type. Abzena have CHO, NS0 and Sp2/0 cell lines adapted to serum free growth media available for development. During development of the cell line Abzena assesses a range of critical product quality attributes (PQA) to check consistency of these parameters with the reference product.  Read more >>>

Antibody and Protein Engineering

Antitope, INSERM and Baylor Institute for Immunology Research to collaborate to produce manufacturing cell lines for two novel vaccines for HIV

GMP Manufacturing

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