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Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC)

ADCC is an immune response leading to lysis of antibody-coated target cells by immune effector cells. ADCC is triggered by the interaction between the Fc portion of an antibody and Fc-gamma receptors expressed on immune cells such as NK cells. ADCC assays can be performed at Abzena using human PBMCs or NK cells as effector cells. Typically, antibody-coated target cells are incubated in the presence of effector cells to induce cell lysis. Dead cells are then quantified either using a fluorophore release or label-free assay.

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CDC Assay Ramos Target Cells
Trastuzumab and Kadcyla® induce dose-dependent lysis of Her2-expressing SK-BR-3 cells by PBMCs when co-cultured in a 40:1 Effector:Target ratio.
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