Enabling better biopharmaceuticals straight from lead selection

Abzena works has a long history of working with biopharmaceuticals and has a range of expert teams that have worked on hundreds of projects.


Accurate and sensitive ex vivo testing and rapid in silico assessment of the potential for therapeutic antibodies and proteins to produce an immunogenic response in patients as well as custom assay development.

Antibody | protein engineering

Creation of fully humanized antibodies and deimmunised proteins using our proprietary technologies to reduce the risk of an immune response occurring in patients and affinity maturation.


Conjugation of drugs to antibodies using a variety of conjugation methods including using our proprietary linker, ThioBridge™, to create more stable and homogeneous ADCs. Abzena also has a library of payloads available for conjugation.

Cell line development

Development of stable and highly expressing cell lines for commercial production of proteins and antibodies by any manufacturer using a royalty-free proprietary expression system


Abzena’s team of experienced organic chemists has produced a variety of complex molecules at mg to kg scale. Common requests include chemical intermediates, drug metabolites, reference compounds, preclinical drug candidates and other organic molecules from diverse industries.

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