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EpiScreen™ Epitope Mapping Fact Sheet

Further information on Abzena’s accurate and sensitive ex vivo T cell epitope identication technology including[...]


iTope™ and TCED™ Fact Sheet

More information on Abzena’s iTope™ and TCED™ technology including a detailed look at the results.


EpiScreen™ Time Course T Cell Assay Fact Sheet

More information on the EpiScreen™ time course T cell assay and a case study showing the potential immunogenicity[...]



Envigo 8th Annual Biologics Symposia, UK

1 March 2018

Envigo’s annual biologics symposium is back for the 8th year, with for its London leg. The meeting will provide both[...] Read more

Antibodies as Drugs: Translating Molecules into Treatments

25 February 2018

Antibodies are becoming increasingly prominent in the development of new therapies, both from the perspective of their de[...] Read more

Envigo 8th Annual Biologics Symposia, USA

21 February 2018

Envigo’s annual biologics symposium is back for the 8th year, with the first of two meetings which will take place in[...] Read more

GTC Bio ImmunoTX Summit

30 January 2018

Abzena will attend and present at this conference, which provides the opportunity for delegates from both industry and[...] Read more

EBD Biotech Showcase

8 January 2018

Abzena will be attending and participating in the partnering sessions at EBDs showcase event which brings together[...] Read more

Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics

10 December 2017

Expand your pipeline of antibody therapeutics by hearing 125+ case studies, new data and industry updates from experts[...] Read more


14 December 2017

Genesis 2017 will build on the previous 16 years of experience in assembling a forum where industry executives,[...] Read more


A comparison of the ability of the human IgG1 allotypes G1m3 and G1m1,17 to stimulate T-cell responses from allotype matched and mismatched donors.

Carl I. Webster, Christine J. Bryson, Edward A. Cloake, Tim D. Jones, Mark J. Austin, Anette C. Karle, Sebastian[...] Read more

Small Amounts of Sub-Visible Aggregates Enhance the Immunogenic Potential of Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics

Maryam Ahmadi, Christine J. Bryson, Edward A. Cloake, Katie Welch, Vasco Filipe, Stefan Romeijn, Andrea Hawe, Wim[...] Read more

Drug Discovery Tutorial: Detection and Reduction of Immunogenicity

Drug Discovery Tutorial: Detection and Reduction of Immunogenicity This article discusses how early removal of T-cell[...] Read more

Assessing Immunogenicity Using Ex Vivo T cell Assays

Assessing Immunogenicity Using Ex Vivo T cell Assays This article discusses Antitope’s developed highly sensitive ex[...] Read more

Pre-clinical considerations in the assessment of immunogenicity for protein therapeutics

Baker M, Carr F. Curr Drug Saf. 2010 Oct;5(4):308-13. Abstract Protein therapeutics offer distinct advantages over other[...] Read more

Immunogenicity of protein therapeutics The key causes, consequences and challenges

Matthew P. Baker,* Helen M. Reynolds, Brooke Lumicisi and Christine J. Bryson, Self/Nonself, Volume 1, Issue 4, 2010[...] Read more

Prediction of immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins: validity of computational tools.

BioDrugs. 2010 Feb 1;24(1):1-8. doi: 10.2165/11318560-000000000-00000. Bryson CJ, Jones TD, Baker MP. Abstract Most[...] Read more

In vitro screening for antibody immunogenicity

In book: recombinant antibodies for immunotherapy, Chapter: In vitro screening for antibody immunogenicity, Publisher:[...] Read more

New approaches to prediction of immune responses to therapeutic proteins during preclinical development.

Drugs R D. 2008;9(6):385-96. doi: 10.2165/0126839-200809060-00004, Perry LC, Jones TD, Baker MP. Abstract Clinical[...] Read more

Assessment of the immunogenicity of different interferon beta-1a formulations using ex vivo T-cell assays

J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2007 Mar 12;43(4):1256-61. Epub 2006 Nov 21. Jaber A, Baker M. Abstract Recombinant homologues of[...] Read more


Abzena plc and UCL Medical Research Council grant awarded to collaboration group developing novel autoimmune therapy

Cambridge and London, UK, 1 March 2017 – Abzena plc (AIM: ABZA, ‘Abzena’ or the ‘Group’), a life sciences[...] Read more

Abzena and Baylor Scott & White Research Institute team up to form Denceptor Therapeutics to develop novel immunotherapies

Cambridge, UK and Dallas, US  – July 2016 – Abzena plc (AIM: ABZA, “Abzena” or the “Group”) and the Baylor[...] Read more

We’re changing the way we brand our businesses

To provide our Partners with a single identity for the services and technologies offered across Antitope, PacificGMP,[...] Read more

Appointment of Campbell Bunce as Senior Vice President, Scientific Operations

Adds further immunology expertise to Executive Management Team Cambridge, UK – Abzena plc (AIM:ABZA, ‘Abzena’), a[...] Read more

Abzena to provide Apitope with Analytical Support for Development of a Novel Treatment for Factor VIII Inhibitors in Haemophilia A Patients

Cambridge, UK and Diepenbeek, Belgium – Abzena plc (AIM:ABZA), a life sciences company providing services and[...] Read more

Antitope, INSERM and Baylor Institute for Immunology Research to collaborate to produce manufacturing cell lines for two novel vaccines for HIV

Cambridge, UK – Antitope Limited (“Antitope”), an Abzena company (AIM: ABZA) that provides services and[...] Read more

Antitope and Synthon Announce Collaboration

Cambridge, UK and Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 2 July 2014 – Antitope Limited (“Antitope”), an Abzena company, today[...] Read more

Antitope and Baylor Institute for Immunology Research to Collaborate to Produce Manufacturing Cell Line for Novel Therapeutic Dendritic-cell-targeting Vaccine

London, UK and Dallas, TX, USA, 6 June 2014 – Antitope Limited (“Antitope”), an Abzena company, today announced[...] Read more

Antitope and Rottapharm Madaus Complete Successful Immunogenicity Assessment Research Collaboration

Cambridge UK, 31 January 2013 – Antitope Ltd., UK (“Antitope”) today announced the completion of a[...] Read more

Antitope Announces Research Collaboration with Ablynx

Cambridge, UK. 25 August 2010 – Antitope Ltd. (“Antitope”) today announced a research collaboration with Ablynx[...] Read more

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