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About Us

Abzena is a life sciences group with its headquarters in the UK and two sites in the US. Abzena offers a range of complementary services and technologies for the selection, development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, products based on antibodies or other proteins.

Working with companies and academic groups all over the world, including most of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies, Abzena supports the development and manufacture of better treatments for patients. Eleven antibodies which have been created using Abzena’s technologies (ABZENA inside products) are currently being progressed through clinical development by our licensees. More information on our ABZENA inside products is available here.

Abzena was created through the incorporation of Antitope, PacificGMP, PolyTherics, The Chemistry Research Solution (TCRS) and Warwick Effect Polymers, all of which now trade as Abzena. More on our history here.

Abzena’s range of services and technologies include:

Our Locations

Abzena Headquarters:
Babraham Research Campus, Babraham
Cambridge CB22 3AT

+44 1223 903 498

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360 George Patterson Blvd.
Suite 101E
Bristol PA 19007

+1 215-788-3603

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8810 Rehco Road
Suite E
San Diego CA 92121

+1 858-550-4094

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